Okay internet.

I’m not linking anything, just google “Lena Dunham sister” and you can find all the relevant stuff.  Long story short, Lena Dunham wrote some memoirs (which…okay. younger than me, whatever.), and wrote about some weird, self-described sexually abusive behavior involving her sister.  The internet-at-large got involved and shared opinions.

The results?  Lots of angry accusations and side-taking, and a whole lot of “we have opinions and they must be heard!” going on.  Look, kids do weird shit.  I read the passage.  She’s writing about events that happened when she was 7 from the perspective of an adult whose work is largely based around sexuality.

She was 7.  Seven.

She was 7, and now the internet is all torches and pitchforks over some typical child exploratory shit?  When I was 7 I didn’t have any idea what sex was.  But goddamn I knew I liked pictures of naked people in art books.  Maybe that’s not shit you need to put in your memoir.  But then, maybe anyone under 50 doesn’t need to write memoirs.

Frankly, I’m more disturbed about people who feel the need to respond to any of this beyond “well, that’s weird and I’m uncomfortable reading this book”.

edit:  Extra thought on this- a couple of twitter discussions about this wound up as “I don’t think we need to skewer this woman for pedophilia, but we totally should for her poor taste and using this to sensationalize her book”.  If you’re getting up in arms over this particular incident of ‘poor story choice in an autobiography’, you need to fucking read more autobiographies and then realize that this is the internet outrage of the day.


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