Looks like a dinosaur is finally going more or less extinct.

I think the Georgetown blockbuster might still be around, or at least the building’s still there with the sign on it.  The last time I went there was probably 2000 or so; I only recall buying used N64 games there.  I remember around that time my dad had gone to rent something and they claimed he had a late rental out already.  He insisted it had been returned, and they insisted that it hadn’t.  So he walked over to the shelf, picked up the box with the only copy, and showed them the tape that was clearly there.  And they still insisted, in the face of irrefutable proof, that the video was late.  This wasn’t the first time he was charged a late fee for a rental returned on time, and at least two other people I knew had the same issue.

Pretty much anyone who had rented movies from blockbuster around that time can recount numerous sketchy late fees.  What I thought was just shitty teenaged employees not properly checking in movies turned out to be an intentionally practiced policy, and they wound up facing lawsuits over similar practices.  How they managed to stick around, and why the fuck anyone still rented there afterwards is a mystery to me.  But after swallowing all the local video rentals everywhere, a decade after the birth of Netflix, and a few years after streaming-speed internet has been available, it looks like they’ll give up their brick and mortar ghosts.  They’ll maintain their online service, but then who the hell uses their online service anyway?*  Apparently Redbox is a thing somewhere, but I’ve yet to see any lines for that shit.

As much as that place pained me, what people have already forgotten (or at least most of the commenters in that article) were the old local rental places.  We had one next to Kroger full of terrible ’70s and ’80s slasher films, the required “action” section full of Chuck Norris, and of course a wall full of Wrestlemanias and UCW fights.  And of course the infamous “adults only back room” which tellingly spilled out into the rest of the shelves.  No joke, there was so much porn that the softcore Playboy fare wound up on the shelves next to the door.  They also had a copy of Kids displayed that had supposedly been in someone’s rear car window and melted, although unless their car was in a hot parking lot in 100 degree heat and someone lit a bonfire in the trunk, it was a little overblown.  They lasted a year or two after blockbuster moved in- in the same parking lot.  Considering the new neighbor didn’t rent porn, I’m amazed it didn’t last longer actually.

Ah well, good riddance and fuck ’em.  I’m not shedding tears.




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