Renfair time!

The last day of the Renaissance Fair was yesterday, and Simone and I spent most of the day there.  Lots of overblown costumes, and exited people, and constantly thinking about the end of Sandman, where the man who refuses to die is at “Ye Olde Ren Faire”, talking about how everything smelled like shit in medieval times.

I did not buy swords (although, because it was the last day, I could have bought 2 katanas for 40 bucks) and I talked myself out of buying any board games.  I did eat everything I could find though.

-2 Scotch Eggs

-part of a Turkey Leg

-an apple dumpling, which was most of an apple covered in dough and sugar and about a quart of vanilla ice cream

-beef stew in a bread bowl

I did not eat a corn dog, or spiced almonds, or kettle corn, but only because those things were closed when I went back to them.

On the way back I had a belgian waffle with eggs and bacon at Perkins, because I guess I wasn’t full enough yet.


About ducksarebitches

I'm a painter, a drummer, a student, and currently unemployed. I also appreciate cats and a bit of light debauchery, but not at the same time or for the same reasons.
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