The Dopiest Date

I used to indulge a fair amount in high school, but I stopped smoking up after a while.  Mostly because dealing with, well, dealers was a pain in the ass.  Weird, paranoid people they were.  And so were the serious stoners with their silly rituals and shit.

But right now I’d really, really love a bowl.  I can’t afford it, and I always thought the whole “420” thing was rather stupid.  Maybe it’s all the posts today, or that I’d really love some company and don’t have any.  Or I’m just down from being out of work in a long distance relationship with an uncertain future.  Perhaps the meds aren’t working right.  I don’t know.  I’d just like nothing more than to get buzzed enough to let go for a minute.

Meh.  Guess it’s just rum and painting then.


About ducksarebitches

I'm a painter, a drummer, a student, and currently unemployed. I also appreciate cats and a bit of light debauchery, but not at the same time or for the same reasons.
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