Let’s beat a dead horse!

Some jackass from Microsoft management just Marie Antoinetted the gaming community.

No, I’m not familiar with this Adam Orth fucktard.  The last console I bought was a Gamecube.  I’ve never had an Xbox or a Playstation, although I’ve been vowing to find a cheap used PS2 for years now.  I enjoy video games, but I’m not what most people (and obviously the industry) would define as a hardcore gamer.  But I’m a gamer still.  I’ve given Steam my business, in spite of this exact issue of forced connection; I’m willing to accept it for the steep sale prices: I bought both Arkham games and both Portal games for less than 20 bucks total.  So there’s definitely a measure of what I’ll accept.

But here’s the line:  to charge hundreds of dollars for a console system that requires a working internet connection to function (so add in your monthly ISP charges) and whatever tier of service from Microsoft or whoever, plus sixty or so for a game- that’s a lot of money.  I’m perfectly happy with emulators, my DS, and whatever I can run on my PC.  Humble Bundle has thrown up packages of games for cheap often enough to keep the “new shiny” hunger down.  It’s also spoiled me to stick to sales and really good deals- at the rate prices drop, I’ll be hard pressed to ever pay more than 20 or 30 bucks for a game.  I don’t need anything on launch day.

I’m not alone in that sentiment.  Clearly a lot of people will line up for the newest thing, but I think we all have a point at which we feel burned.  The day we realize if we’d waited a few months the bugs would’ve been fixed, the price would have been halved, and we would have been just as happy.  Eventually we’ll see this growing attitude of “you’ll buy whatever crap we tell you to” from the big platforms fall.  Not just because the gaming community will start balking- those that haven’t already- but many of the developers themselves are running from that trainwreck as fast as possible.  The indie developers, the smaller companies, the non-conglomerates- they’re all gamers too.  And they hate it as much as those solely on the consumer side.


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I'm a painter, a drummer, a student, and currently unemployed. I also appreciate cats and a bit of light debauchery, but not at the same time or for the same reasons.
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