Five long years.

As much as I’ve bitched about work, I’ve stayed for five years.  Partly out of loyalty to my former boss and the text coordinator, both of whom are elsewhere now, and partly because it was a stable, easy to get to job. 

I found out a month ago that, after the better part of five years, I’m not even making a dollar over minimum wage.  The mid-range pay for my position is 32 cents more than what I’m getting paid.  After five years. 

I was offered a position earlier in the summer that has since “disappeared”.  Turns out it wouldn’t have paid much more than I’m making now, not enough to make it worthwhile. 

Last week I was told about a different position that should post in a few weeks, that will likely pay enough to make staying worthwhile.  The downside is it’s open for anyone to apply, and I suspect with my class hours I won’t be eligible.  I intend to find out today if that’s the case, and if it is I’m planning on leaving.  Immediately. 

The current situation in is a clusterfuck, and if I’m not going to be paid what I’m worth there’s absolutely no reason to stay. 


About ducksarebitches

I'm a painter, a drummer, a student, and currently unemployed. I also appreciate cats and a bit of light debauchery, but not at the same time or for the same reasons.
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