Needles will not traumatize your baby.

California’s considering a law requiring counseling with a medical doctor for parents who choose not to vaccinate their children.

On one hand, I’m not a fan of what some people would call ‘nanny state’ laws.  Seatbelt and helmet laws are well-intentioned, but on the other hand, people who don’t have the sense to wear them and aren’t forced to might get taken out of the gene pool, which is fine.  And it’s one more excuse to stop and search people as well as cheap revenue in fines, both of which further a police state.  Those kinds of things I don’t take well to.

But it’s also too similar to the new wall of anti-abortion legislations that require “counseling” and viewing ultrasounds before having an abortion.  I don’t take well to those either.

The third, awkward hand is wondering why anyone even needs such a law.  I understand the suspicion of doctors and things that are commonly accepted, but it ends where common sense and a little research (and knowing the bare minimums of human history) begin.  Such as every crippling childhood disease we’ve mostly wiped out in the last 50 years, because people took their vaccines.

There’s a growing movement of people who are refusing to vaccinate their infants.  Some of it is fear of an autism connection, and some of this is hippie new-age reactionary thought, often hand-in-hand with government conspiracy beliefs*.  Fine.  But that kind of shit ends when you’re responsible not only to another human being but to every other human being that comes in contact with your offspring.

*And coming from the first in line for the ‘deep distrust of government’ award, yeah… if you don’t buy the moon landing, whatthefuckever.  But for the day-to-day shit functioning with other human beings, just ask yourself what difference it makes if some guy with a tie is watching you or reading your junkmail or whatever.  Unless you’re actually someone of import, in which case you’re probably justified.


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