Oh, and now that the optimistic shit’s out of the way,

Commence rants:

The only keeping me from walking off my job at least twice a day is knowing that I’m not gonna work there in the fall.  A word of advice to students: college is expensive, books are expensive, life is not fair, and you’re damn lucky to get any money for something you’ve bought and used for several months.

So Miley Cyrus singing Nirvana songs kinda irritates me, but people under the age of 25 talking about how overrated Nirvana was really gets under my skin.  You know what, kids?  Right or wrong, you’re the reason Britney Spears is still around.  So you can shut the fuck up now.

What, single-payer healthcare’s going up again?  That’s cool, cause I couldn’t afford it for the last six years either.

Thought I got paid today.  Turns out I get paid next Friday- which leaves me exactly 45 dollars for the week.  This is what happens when your checks are direct-deposited and you’re locked out of your online account because you forgot your password and never switched your email from the yahoo address that got closed.  Perhaps I should go to the bank.

It’s a late rant, but the royal wedding…  what the fuck, people?  Sucks for them that William’s in line to be a useless figurehead and thus their wedding is subjected to a lens, and it’s shitty that so many people in the fucking U.S. need to watch spectacles.  British folks, I understand- it’s their thing.  It’s not ours.  Go to fucking work or something.

Hey, and this thing here (presuming it stays linked).  I like watching republicans squirm when they start citing Reagan’s accomplishments only to be called out on what those accomplishments actually were.  I like watching dems squirm too, but that’s usually like hitting a sad puppy; the GOPers like to be on their high horse though, and that’s always more entertaining.  Oh, and McConnell can (once again) go fuck himself with a broken mason jar.  This is just more posturing, “how can we fix this [so it works in our corporate supporters’ favor]”, when the whole root of the problem lies in the corporations.


About ducksarebitches

I'm a painter, a drummer, a student, and currently unemployed. I also appreciate cats and a bit of light debauchery, but not at the same time or for the same reasons.
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