Fuck this and that.

Because it’s that time of year (Christmas), and that other time of year (buyback/finals/shifty weather), and because I’m fighting what will inevitably become a sinus infection, and because I’m lacking in nicotine at the moment, it must be time for my annual hate list.  In no particular order:

Sarah Palin- No, she’s not sweet.  Even if she didn’t persuade her daughter to go on Dancing with the has-beens, she certainly should have known how it would look.  And her fucking reality show?  She’s a soccer mom twat with all the ambition and none of the integrity.  She’s no different than any other politician in terms of sleaze, but she’s edging that already-thin line between politics and celebrity.  And we sure as fuck don’t need that.

UK’s Spanish Department– I found out earlier this semester that other language classes are of a reasonable size, involve plenty of speaking practice, and do not use a strictly followed department-wide syllabus.  Spanish does.  It’s like a damned mill, and most people are lucky to come out of there with a very rudimentary vocabulary.

Local Websites– I’m specifically referring to the ones people might actually want to read- Ace Weekly, Lextran, local government sites, UK’s site (yeah, trying to find the course catalogue is a five minute ordeal, every time).  Broken links, pages that haven’t been updated in years, dial-up loading speeds.  The internet is not the future, Lexington.  It’s been around in it’s modern form for fifteen years.

Lextran– Since it didn’t make the list last year, and should have.  They no longer print a book of routes.  What they do print are folded pieces of paper with a single route map.  And the kicker?  Each route map is available on the bus for that route.  Yes, so you can figure out the route that you would’ve already had to figure out to pick out the right bus in the first place. Way to go, Lextran.  Always looking for ways to get more people use public transit.  And, as mentioned above, their website is a fucking shame.  At least they try to keep the route maps updated there, but again it’s a matter of logic and convenience.  The economic class of people who can’t afford their own transportation probably can’t afford iPhones or laptops either, meaning they also aren’t going to have a way to check the routes and times in the middle of Nicholasville road.

Lexington– The Equestrian games came.  The equestrian games went.  The world did not stop.  Nor did our coffers suddenly overflow.  What did happen were two years of nonstop construction and road work, turning downtown into a wasteland and a traffic nightmare.  Businesses struggled.  Some moved, a few died, and some won’t ever catch back up.  There’s still a huge pasture in the middle of downtown (that the city refuses to rezone, redevelop, or take back for public use), there are still a dozen ugly, mostly empty apartment complexes (still asking between 200,000 and 600,000 apiece), and there is still no drugstore downtown.  Anywhere else in Lexington there are 4 per square mile.  But not in the heart of the city.  The project was greenlit as of July, the land was cleared, the developer said he hoped to break ground in mid September…..and it’s December.  There’s an empty lot.  They even took down the construction fence.  I guess our downtown development plan is based on slowly razing everything and rebuilding?  Sigh.

And I haven’t even gotten to UK’s construction machine.  They can’t manage to give faculty raises or bonuses for three years, but they can put a building up where parking was before (decreasing supply while demand increases, thus justifying raising the costs of parking again).

Television time– Last fall there were 8 shows I attempted to keep up with.  Lost ended, Chuck just wore itself into the ground, The Office, Burn Notice, and NCIS …I got too far behind even for Hulu.  I don’t really miss them that much.  Right now I’m watching Bones and The Closer (which usually runs half a season in summer and half in winter), and occasionally dig around old shows the internet.  It’s kind of refreshing.

Traditional news– The local news channels and the Lexington paper are pretty much copy-and-paste jobs as far as “news” goes.  UK Basketball?  Totally fucking covered!  Curious as to why that road was blocked for hours by emergency vehicles?  Not so much.  The internet is a wonderful place to find worthwhile, fact-based news stories on a global and national scale, but locally the best you can find are the local paper and news channel sites.  Which, of course, have the same garbage as the actual paper or news show.

The Previous Regime– I’m referring to Bush and co.  I thought I could more or less forget them, but then they decided to write books.  Bush I can deal with.  The man couldn’t string two sentences together in a speech, so I’m feel safe assuming he had some help with his memoir.  Ultimately he was a lap dog for the old rich white man foundation; he wasn’t in charge of a damned thing.  Plus he titled it “Decisions”, which just struck me as appropriately ironic.  But Karl Rove?  That smug son of a bitch had the nerve to write a Fox News sound bite in book form and try to pass himself off as some sort of hero.

Art school, sort of– I’ll revisit this in its own post later; right now I’m worn out from the gauntlet of a transitional department.  My thoughts and energy should be spent on making art, on developing ideas and a portfolio, but instead I get to spend my time fitting class credits into a degree plan.  I’m taking classes that don’t interest me, that I have no interest in, and are being phased out anyway.  Like trying to work a puzzle, except none of the pieces are from the same puzzle.  It’s still fun, because it’s still art.  But it’s not painting.

That’s it for now.  It’s more or less the same list I’ve had for 4 or 5 years.  I’m sensing a pattern…..


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I'm a painter, a drummer, a student, and currently unemployed. I also appreciate cats and a bit of light debauchery, but not at the same time or for the same reasons.
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