Topical post.

Topical, not tropical.

Leslie Nielson died.  I liked Airplane.  I didn’t like the Naked Gun series.

Irving Kirshner also died (and I probably misspelled his name).  I liked Empire.  I don’t think I’ve seen any of his other films; but I will totally credit him for preventing Lucas from derailing the first trilogy.  More or less, anyway.

Willie Nelson got busted for pot.  No one is surprised, although he deserves a pass.  Dude’s almost 80, and according to this article has written over 2500 songs (and that was written in 2002).  I think when you’ve written 2500 songs, you damn well should be allowed all the pot you want.

Wikileaks dumped some “diplomatic cables” and some people are up in arms.  My first question is, what cables, exactly?  Do they mean emails?  Filed documents?  Telegraph messages?  Anyhow, the usual transparency v. endangerment argument came up, and I’ll sit squarely on the transparency side.  You may have heard this before, but we’re all going to die.  Every single blessed one of us, whether Assuange posts every classified document in existence or not.  If it means bringing a little truth to light, perhaps revealing just how petty and underhanded global politics are, then I’ll take the extra risk.  Maybe a future generation will learn to be less shitty.


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I'm a painter, a drummer, a student, and currently unemployed. I also appreciate cats and a bit of light debauchery, but not at the same time or for the same reasons.
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