Better, somewhat.

I seem to be over the worst of a bad spell- mentally, at least.

According to the university, I now owe more than a thousand dollars tuition.  “How does this happen a month into the semester,” you ask?  Here’s the culmination of events, in bullets:

*February 15, 2010- this was the day the state ran out of grant money.  No one found out until later, so that was 800 dollars I was planning on receiving.  As it was given on a first-come basis, I would have had to file my taxes in January.  I usually do, but this year Follett didn’t send out W-2s until the end of February, unless you’d gone “paperless”.  So a big fuck you to my employer for that one.

*April 20th, 2010- the day I registered classes for the fall semester.  One class was “full”, although it’s a foundation class with only 10 people in it.  I don’t know who decides to set the enrollment limit for classes, but I couldn’t even get waitlisted.  At the time, I didn’t think this was a big deal.

At the same time, I was under the impression that my two studio classes (3 hours, two days a week, plus an expected 6-9 hours outside of class per week) were each 4 credit hours.  Not so, it turns out.  This one is my fault.

*August 16, 2010- I had an expected 3,000+ dollar Pell grant, and another 900 dollar “you’re destitute” federal grant.  I paid 600 something dollars to balance my tuition.  I figured I was done.


*August 25- first day of classes.  On the 27th, I got an override and added a 1-credit-hour foundations class.  In my head, this gave me 13 hours.  It was actually 11.

*The first week of September I got an email requesting another 368 dollars for tuition.  I inquired at student billing, and was asked by a billing zombie if I add/dropped.  Apparently that was either a fee, or I’m being charged by the credit hour due to not being full-time.  The billing zombie wasn’t clear as to which, and seemed unclear as to much else either.

*Last week, my parents (why the financial aid office has their address is a mystery, but that’s another fight altogether) got a letter informing me that because I’m not a full-time student, my grant would be lessened.

I emailed my listed financial aid “counselor” this afternoon asking her to double check my records and make sure something didn’t get missed.  At this point I’m just hoping that the spring semester’s grant money isn’t also lowered.  Fortunately, I have the money to cover this.  The sad fact is, the one-credit-hour difference is costing me about 1500 dollars more than if I’d taken a full 12 hours.

What’s even worse is that I absolutely would have taken more hours, if anything else I needed had been offered during hours I didn’t already have a class in.

Lessons learned.  Someday, if I ever manage to obtain a degree, the UK alumni association will send me mail asking for donations.  And they rue that day so hard.


About ducksarebitches

I'm a painter, a drummer, a student, and currently unemployed. I also appreciate cats and a bit of light debauchery, but not at the same time or for the same reasons.
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