Tattoo no-nos.

There have been bad trends in ink forever, the ones that wind up seeing a rise in laser removal down the road.  Some notable ones:

Warner Brothers or Disney characters.  Especially the tasmanian devil, and usually on the ankle.  If you’re getting inked, you’re probably not in middle school.

The “tramp stamp”, in the small of your back.  This, though, depends on the design and intent.  If it’s your only normally visible tattoo and it looks like it could also be a window decal on a truck, it’s a bad idea.

“Tribal” tattoos.  Mostly because they were overdone 10 years ago, but it really does scream, “I want to be a badass…. but in an innocuous way so I can still be an accountant later in life”.  In other words, you’re pretty much the opposite of badass.  And we all know it.

Do not get hearts tattooed over your nipples, even if you’re a stripper.  Maybe especially if you’re a stripper.

Also do not get ‘shoulder cherries’.  I don’t know where those even came from.  In fact, don’t get anything that is also found on a slot machine.  You don’t want that connotation.

A good rule of thumb- if it’s in book of sample tattoos, you should think twice.  Or however many times it takes to realize it’s a bad idea and you can think of something better.


Somehow when I originally posted this, I totally forgot about “stars”.  I don’t know how, because they’re more rampant than herpes.  So: no stars, unless it’s a star of David and you’re jewish.  This includes the obvious two-toned nautical stars, outlines of stars (for some reason these have popped up a lot lately), tiny filled in stars, pretty much any stars at all.  Unimaginative bullshit, much like the tribal tats described above.


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I'm a painter, a drummer, a student, and currently unemployed. I also appreciate cats and a bit of light debauchery, but not at the same time or for the same reasons.
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